DefCom3 - Motorcycle alarm

Product ref.: meta-defcom3
Manufacturer: Meta alarms

DefCom3 - Scooter and motorcycle alarm with 2 remote controls

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DefCom3 - Motorcycle alarm

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Product details

DefCom3 is the ideal sound alarm system to protect motorcycles, quads and scooters.

Very compact in size, it has a built-in tow detector, an anti-start function and a self-powered high-power siren.

Its current consumption is extremely low so as not to unnecessarily strain the vehicle battery. It goes to 0 after 5 days.

DefCom3 is delivered with 2 miniaturized waterproof remote controls with silicone case so as not to scratch the edge of the ignition key.

Meta System is well known for its motorcycle alarms. The legendary 357 found its successor in the DEFCOM alarm system for motorcycles, scooters and atv's.

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