Thermal releasing agent (500 ml)

Product ref.: IT157
Manufacturer: Irontek chemicals

Thermal releasing agent (500 ml)

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Thermal releasing agent (500 ml)

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Allows the most difficult assemblies to be released. Spraying creates an intense thermal shock at -50°C. This thermal shock allows the connections between the oxidised contact points to be broken. Leaves a protective film which counteracts oxidation. Disperses within the rust directly using a capillary effect.

Utilisation: Shake, spray from a distance of 10 cm onto the parts which need to be released for 5 seconds. Allow to act for 5 minutes. Act on the part which needs to be released. Immediate action.

Irontek is an innovative French company that makes e.g. additives, cleaners and glues. Always according to its own (unique) recipe and with high quality components such as MS polymers, graphite, nanotechnology, etc. Nearly all products are "Made in Germany", so quality is guaranteed.

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