Paint aluminum grey (500 ml)

Product ref.: IT195
Manufacturer: Irontek chemicals

Paint aluminum grey (500 ml)

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Paint aluminum grey (500 ml)

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High-quality paint to improve appearance and repair all types of surfaces (metal, plastic, wood...). Excellent coverage, colour and long-life shine. Resistant to chemical products and atmospheric conditions, excellent adhesion properties. Resistant to shocks and scratches.

Utilisation: The surface has to be clean, dry and degreased. Have the aerosol ready at a temperature of between 15 and 25°C. Prior to application, shake the aerosol well for at least 2 minutes and paint a patch as a test. The spraying distance from the object needing to be painted should be between 25 and 30 cm. Apply the bumper paint in several fine layers, cross-wise. Before applying the next layer, shake the aerosol once again. After use, purge the valve by spraying with the can upside down.

Irontek is an innovative French company that makes e.g. additives, cleaners and glues. Always according to its own (unique) recipe and with high quality components such as MS polymers, graphite, nanotechnology, etc. Nearly all products are "Made in Germany", so quality is guaranteed.

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