3P system - Fitting kit

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Manufacturer: Shad luggage

Fitting kit (3P-system) for 2 side cases SH23, SH35 or SH36 - Ducati - Diavel

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3P system - Fitting kit

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Product details

Mounting kit for the SH23 side cases.

Mounting kit for the SH35 side cases.

Mounting kit for the SH36 side cases.

One of SHAD’s most important innovations. The new 3P System side kit’s features are:

Integrated design: The side mounting integrates itself better with the bike. Lightness: Less weight to cause nearly no change in the bike’s center of gravity, hence improving safety. Easy to assemble.

Suitable for

  • Ducati Diavel, from 2012 till 2017

The Spanish Shad is one of world's largest manufacturers of motorcycle top and side cases. Shad's luggage systems have a light yet strong mounting kit for the side and top cases, especially made to fit one bike model only, so perfect fit and very stable.

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