Battery DB16L-B / YB16L-B (DIN 51911 / YB16LB / DADB16LB)

Product ref.: dadb16l-b
Manufacturer: Dynavolt batteries

Dynavolt CLASSIC battery - 12 V / 19 Ah -DB16L-B / YB16L-B (DIN 51911)

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Battery DB16L-B / YB16L-B (DIN 51911 / YB16LB / DADB16LB)

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The robust DYNAVOLT CLASSIC technology, adjusted precisely to the special requirements in motorcycle operation, provides for a long lifespan and reliable starting force in the 6 and 12 Volt range. Batteries are delivered with the appropriate acid pack.

Dynavolt is the new challenger in motorcycle batteries. You'll know the brand from the Moto2 and MotoGP classes. It makes reliable motorcycle batteries with high cold cranking amps (CCA).

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