Chain spray - 400 ML

Product ref.: rp715w98
Manufacturer: Repsol lubes

Chain lube Repsol - packing = 400ml (price per piece)

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Chain spray - 400 ML

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Description Aerosol format lubricant oil to keep chains and secondary transmissions in perfect condition. It is easily applied and adheres perfectly to the chain, thus minimising losses and keeping tyres and the rear rim clean. It is water resistant and capable of working at high temperatures and in all kinds of environments. Properties

Excellent load-carrying capacity, antiwear and anticorrosive properties. Good oiliness that improves adherence to the transmission chain and keeps the wheel clean. Excellent friction coefficient thanks to its Teflon content. Increases the lifespan of the chain. Water-resistant, maintains its properties in wet environments. Packaging: 1 box = 12 pieces.

Repsol is an icon. Not a single motorcycle racing lover who doesn't know and love this supplier of high end lubricants. This Spanish oil giant has uncountable world titles in all branches of the motorsport.

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