OptiMate Solar - 12V / 7A Max - With 40W Solar Panel

Product ref.: TM-523-4
Manufacturer: Optimate battery chargers

OptiMate Solar - 12V / 7A Max - including 40W solar panel, battery charger with clamps (TM-O04) and M8 eyelet connection (TM-O11)

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OptiMate Solar - 12V / 7A Max - With 40W Solar Panel

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Optimate makes world's most advanced motorcycle battery chargers. Their maintenance charger keeps the battery in your motorcycle, car, oldtimer, quad or mobilhome in optimum shape and helps the battery keep its maximum capacity.

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Product details

  • Application: scooter, motorcycle, car, marine
  • Suitable for batteries: regular, maintenance free, AGM, gel
  • Desulfication: yes
  • Test function: battery test
  • Solar panel: yes
  • Input voltage: solar power
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Maximum charging current: 7A
  • Max battery capacity from discharge: 2Ah-240Ah
  • Max battery capacity drop load: 240Ah
  • Charger type: automatically
  • Insulation class: IP54
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Connection type: USB/SAE