[COVID-19] Bike Design adapts its working hours: you can reach us Mon-Fri between 9h-12h and 13h-17h. Because we value the health of our staff, we temporarily shut the doors for public. The COVID-19 coronavirus poses a threath we need to take seriously so we don't want to take any chances. Our webshop remains fully operational so we can send you everything you need, but we can't help you face to face for now. We'll be back in the flesh as soon as the risk drops to an acceptable level. Thanks for you understanding and take care!

About Bike Design

Bike Design

Bike Design Benelux started out as a small one-man business, founded in 1993, but has grown to a well-established company, counting on its 10-ish employees. At first, only few products could be offered, but as time passed by, experience grew, feeling for the market started to develop and the product range expanded. The initial range of products grew to tens of thousands (!) of products from over 60 iconic brands.

With more than 15.000 products in stock, a user-friendly webshop and very detailed distributor network, Bike Design can deliver the right product to the right person in no time.

Bike Design also became renown thanks to its very own product: crash protectors. Developed, tested and produced in-house. In contrast to other crash protector manufacturers, Bike Design looks for (and finds!) solutions to prevent cutting or drilling in fairing parts.

With 25 years of experience, Bike Design's staff is well trained and knows all about customer satisfaction. Each employee has his own specialty and well aligned domain, thus guaranteeing a superb service and impeccable product support.

Bike Design
Bike Design

Our mission:
Bike Design wants to help passionate motorcyclists get the most out of their bike by offering products that improve the riding pleasure and that keep the bike in perfect shape for as long as possible.