Smart Spina TNT 85°c fixed temp. - M/XL - 120/17" + <=205/16-17" - black

Product ref.: CAP-W2B020401001T
Manufacturer: Capit tirewarmers

Smart Spina TNT 85°c fixed temp. - M/XL - 120/17" + <=205/16-17" - black + simple plug system (plug EU/UK/US/AUS)

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Smart Spina TNT 85°c fixed temp. - M/XL - 120/17" + <=205/16-17" - black

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Product details

Capit Smart Spina tire warmers for motorcycle have a simple shape, but great performance. This model has been designed to be practical and efficient, suiting both amateurs and professionals racers. The quality-price balance is one of the best in the world because in Capit has always been one of the front runners in tire warmers and can rely on extensive experience in all levels, from local championships to WSBK and MotoGP. This set of tire warmers is delivered with a European plug (EU - 220/230 Volt). The main features are:

  • Heating radial cable in teflon (no less than 40 meters), which reduces heating time and ensures a very uniform heat distribution.
  • TNT Heating System: self-adjusting 85°C system without thermostat. In max 60 minutes you get a uniform temperature throughout the tire. By eliminating the thermostat, you avoid typical thermostat-related issues, like inconstancy in temperature and low tyre warmer lifespan.
  • Special outer coating in waterproof teflon.
  • Internal lining is anti-wear and high temperature resistant.
  • Power wire in silicone, resistant up to 200°C.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Operating control light.
  • Electrical absorption for single tyrewarmer: size S 200 watt - size M 300 watt - size L 400 watt - size XL 500 watt - size 18'' 300 watt

The difference with competitors is the quality of the product and the renowned Capit know how that ensures that you have purchased a top notch product. Capit is 100% made in Italy and used by all the top teams in MotoGP, Superbike and F1. The tyre warmers bear a warranty of three years and have a guaranteed repair service, even warranty does no longer apply. On simple demand (and at an extra surcharge), we can customize the tyre warmers with your logo.

Capit is the main supplier of tire warmers in MotoGP and World Superbike, but also in Formula 1.

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