Vulcanet - 1 piece

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Vulcanet - Washing without water - 1 piece

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Vulcanet - 1 piece

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Vulcanet, is the first complete wipe which does it all, one product which can be used for a comprehensive cleaning of all external and internal parts of cars, motorcycles, scooters and boats. The unique patent of the 'multi-phase cleaning 'and the development of a special machine for the impregnation of Vulcanet wipes leads to the following impressive results: complete body wash, even extremely dirty, and this, without water!

In total respect with the environment Without spending of water Ludic, because allows a frequent and fast maintenance, without appropriate dress adapted

A complete product, resulting from chemical high technology. After two years of research and laboratory tests on various types of bodies VULCANET was created. It is a woven, impregnated fabric which contains 18 different molecules. The manufacturing process and the formula come from an International Patent under N° 07.04121, which is 100% French.

Vulcanet is a French manufacturer of pre-soaked cleaning wipes made especially for cleaning your motorcycle without the need for water. Excellent choice if you're cleaning real dirty surfaces.

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