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Teflon lubricant (500 ml)

Product ref.: IT155
Manufacturer: Irontek chemicals

Teflon lubricant (500 ml)

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Teflon lubricant (500 ml)

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Our product is a very high-quality Teflon-based lubricant which is resistant to temperatures from -50°C to 250°C. Specially designed to lubricate certain plastic materials, coated in Teflon, all parts can withstand high pressure. This oil allows any surface roughness to be smoothed, allowing mechanical sliding between two parts. Ideal to lubricate any parts which can not normally be greased to avoid dust sticking to them which would have an abrasive effect when combined with grease.

Utilisation: Shake the aerosol well prior to use, spray onto the part which requires lubrication or unblocking and allow it to act for a few moments so that the product can take effect. When spraying, hold the aerosol in a vertical position.

Irontek is an innovative French company that makes e.g. additives, cleaners and glues. Always according to its own (unique) recipe and with high quality components such as MS polymers, graphite, nanotechnology, etc. Nearly all products are "Made in Germany", so quality is guaranteed.

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