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ProRacing GP - Windshield cleaner - 400ML

Product ref.: WO55512
Manufacturer: Champion lubes

ProRacing GP - Windshield cleaner - 400ML

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ProRacing GP - Windshield cleaner - 400ML

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This extremely efficient foam cleaner can be used to completely clean your windshield, visor and even the exterior of your helmet. It is developed to leave no residue behind, guaranteeing optimal vision of the track.


Spray and remove with a clean cloth to leave the surface clean and shiny. Even the toughest stains and smears can be removed by soaking them for a few minutes.


Powerful cleaning properties: leaves no residue. Broad applicability: suitable to clean visors, helmets… Ease of use: clean all surfaces within minutes.


This fluid offers a clear view of the road ahead by removing dirt without leaving any residue.

PN-CODE: 8231247

Champion oil is the motorcycle variant of Wolf oil, well known in the car market. Champion offers a full range of refined oils: mineral oil, semi-synthetic, synthetic and full racing oil for motorcycles.

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