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Start Micro - Mini GPS digital laptimer

Product ref.: PZ-ST200-M
Manufacturer: PZRacing

PZ Racing - Mini digital GPS laptimer 'Start Micro'

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Start Micro - Mini GPS digital laptimer

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Product details

Start Micro is the smallest GPS chronometer in the world! Its very small size, internal batteries and the setting of the width of the finish line make this chronometer suitable for any kind of vehicle and track, including the smallest one for pocket bikes. Its simplicity of use is just one of the characteristics of Start Micro; position Start Micro at the point on the track where you want to measure the lap times, press a button and start; you can see the lap times on the display during use or later when you exit the track, Start Micro memorizes up to 82 laps divided into sessions. Start Micro, like the entire Start family, uses the latest generation 50Hz GPS receiver which guarantees the same precision as its older brothers.


  • 50Hz GPS receiver
  • Accuracy 1/100s
  • 82 laps memory divided into sessions
  • Best Lap display for each session
  • Finish line width setting
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA
  • Automatic shut down
  • Anti impact container
  • Water resistant
  • Dimensions: 69,5×50,5x21mm

PZ Racing mostly makes dashboard accessories for motorcycle racing: gear indicators, laptimers, dashboards, communication with the pit crew, etc.

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