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Multy - Digital revs counter & hour meter

Product ref.: PZ-MT1000
Manufacturer: PZRacing

Multy - Digital revs counter & hour meter

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Multy - Digital revs counter & hour meter

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Product details

  • Range RPM: 0 – 17000 RPM (setting pulse 2)
  • Resolution: 100RPM
  • Range hour meter: 0 – 999 hours
  • RPM cable length: 150cm (you can shorten the cable if necessary)
  • Temperature range: 0 – 120 °C (32°F – 230°F)
  • Temperature connector cable length: 150cm
  • Temperature sensor cable length: 60cm
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA
  • Automatic shut down
  • Anti impact container
  • Water resistant
  • Dimensions: 69,5×50,5x21mm
  • Weight: 62gr

PZ Racing mostly makes dashboard accessories for motorcycle racing: gear indicators, laptimers, dashboards, communication with the pit crew, etc.

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