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Start Plus - GPS Dashboard with data acquisition

Product ref.: PZ-ST400-P
Manufacturer: PZRacing

PZ Racing - Digital GPS dashboard 'Start Plus' with data acquisition

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Start Plus - GPS Dashboard with data acquisition

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Product details

Start Plus is the new multifunction dashboard of the PZRacing range. Thanks to the integrated 50Hz GPS receiver it will no longer be necessary to use the magnetic band or the uncomfortable infrared receivers on the track, and thanks to the preloaded tracks, Start Plus will automatically choose the correct track.

Start Plus is the perfect dashboard for all those vehicles that need to view data in real time but are not equipped with on-board electronics, such as karts, scooters, premoto 3, mini GP, etc.

The large 240×128 pixel display allows perfect visualization of all the main vehicle parameters in real time. All information can be viewed in 3 predefined screens and 2 fully configurable by the user.

The central led bar can be used both for viewing engine revolutions or in chrono mode, displaying the difference of tenths of a second from the best lap of the session. 2 alarm LEDs configurable in color, type of warning (fixed or flashing) and type of alarm (temperature, chrono, rpm, etc).

Possibility of displaying up to 2 temperatures (one NTC and one thermocouple) without the need for any expansion module, just buying the Y cable cod. SSY150 to be able to use both temperature sensors at the same time.

Data download wireless by Wi-Fi or by USB cable.

Built-in 2000mA lithium battery rechargeable via USB type C cable.

Technical features:

  • Integrated 50Hz GPS receiver
  • 1/100s precision
  • Management of up to 3 split times
  • GPS speed visualization
  • Ideal time
  • 2 predicted time visualizations
  • 3 display screens + 2 configurable
  • Storage of values per lap and absolute best
  • Trajectories memorization
  • 2 alarm configurable (“Best & Split Time”/Shiftlight/Temp warning)
  • Led bar configurable (rpm or chrono mode)
  • 2 engine meters
  • 2 odometers
  • Retrieval of up to 9 analogue channels and 3 digital channels
  • 50Hz sampling of the connected channels
  • Inserted gear indicator (optional)
  • Automatic circuit recognition
  • Global circuits database
  • PC set-up of a new circuit
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • Optional external battery connection
  • Automatic shut down
  • Back light
  • Anti-impact container
  • Water resistant
  • Size: 135x94x33mm

PZ Racing mostly makes dashboard accessories for motorcycle racing: gear indicators, laptimers, dashboards, communication with the pit crew, etc.

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