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GEL Battery - CB16-B/CB16B (DIN 51912)

Product ref.: INT-IGCB16-B
Manufacturer: intAct

intAct Bike Power GEL Battery - CB16-B/CB16B (DIN 51912) - Alt for YB16-B

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GEL Battery - CB16-B/CB16B (DIN 51912)

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Sealed maintenance-fee GEL battery. Filled and charged.

For numerous sources of electrical power drain. Provides 30% more start power for modern motorcycles with many sources of electrical power drain, and covers peak consumption. Low self-discharge, bike starts reliably even after up to 3 months.

GEL batteries are specially designed for modern motorcycles with a lot of electrical consumers and ABS. they bring 30% more starting power with very low self-discharge, they are extremely vibration-resistant and thanks to the closed design, they can be installed in almost any position. With just a few battery types, they cover a multitude of motorcycle types and are also suitable for use in modern scooters, snow mobiles and jet skis.


  • Even more cycle-resistant than GEL or SLA of the same box size
  • Low self-discharge. For seasonal use
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • 30% more starting performance than GEL battery of the same box size
  • Completely maintenance-free. Sealed block battery, with which refilling is neither possible nor necessary
  • Filled and charged. Ready for immediate use
  • Mountable in tilted position (90°). Acid immobilized by GEL additive


  • With the great range of roughly 30 types, about 90% of all common motorcycle battery needs can be covered
  • High variety of applications with low storage requirements
  • Filled and charged. Can be stored for at least 9 months

intAct batteries are made specifically for motorcycles. At intAct they know how a motorcycle battery suffers from shocks and movements. Also the cold cranking start capacity and the deep discharge reserve are tweaked to meet the needs of motorbikes. Great batteries at a very competitive price.

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