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Licence plate holder motorcycle - Aluminium - Unprinted - 1 piece

Product ref.: NPA-1-BLANCO
Manufacturer: Licence plate holders

Licence plate holder motorcycle (Belgium - 210x140) - Blank aluminum - Unprinted - 1 piece

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Licence plate holder motorcycle - Aluminium - Unprinted - 1 piece

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Product details

Licence plate holder in blank aluminum. Four screws are included per licence plate holder, so that you can easily mount the licence plate onto the holder. This version is without print and it therefore has the same size as the licence plate, but you can personalize the licence plate holder with e.g. the name of your garage or club and/or your logo, in the colour(s) and font of your choice. In that case you will get a slightly longer plate holder.

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Licence plate holders (Belgian size) for motorcycles, mopeds and electric bikes (speed pedelec). In blank or black aluminum or in plastic, with personalized print or standard.

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