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4-piston caliper left - pick a color

Product ref.: ber-4d11
Manufacturer: Beringer brakes

4-piston Aerotec® caliper left

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Product details

4 piston caliper Ø27mm with an axial fixing, mounted on the left hand side. These BER-4D11 calipers are direct-mounts, so no loss of feeling due to mounting brackets. One caliper weighs around 870 grams (!) with brake pads mounted.

One set of sintered brake pads included per caliper, type BER-2654S.

Beringer makes only one type of caliper. No entry levels, only one seriously good CNC machined caliper from aerospace grade aluminium. There is no difference between the parts to the general public and those for racing drivers. Beringer brakes are designed to resist to the constraints of competition. Therefore, you get technological advances constantly applied to the products you purchase.

Technical innovations

  • Reduction of hysteresis: thanks to the Aerotec patented chrome-plated brake pad guiding system and its location in a neutral zone where there is no deformation, hysteresis is dramatically reduced.
  • More aggressive and stronger: only 16.5 bars of line pressure are necessary to reach an equivalent torque, against 20 bars with another caliper. A gain of 20%!
  • Improved control: compared to another racing caliper, the error of control is reduced to 17% against 53%. In order to reach again the same torque after having released the brake, 14 bars are necessary with Beringer caliper and 12 bars with the other systems.

Better behavior

  • No pad taper: the Aerotec system avoids taper wear, even when the pads are new or worn.
  • A better feeling: as the pads are not taper worn, they do not touch the rotor when you release the brake. There are no more vibrations.
  • A longer brake pad life: due to the optimisation of the pad wear, life time, efficiency and endurance are improved.
  • A constant braking feeling: the brake feeling is constant whatever the pad’s wear or the temperature conditions.

Suitable for

  • Ducati 748, from 1994 Front left  
  • Ducati 600 SS, from 1991 Front left  
  • Ducati 851, from 1987 Front left  
  • Ducati 888, from 1990 Front left  
  • Ducati 900 SS, from 1975 till 1995 Front left  
  • Ducati 748 R, from 1995 Front left  
  • Ducati 748 S, from 1995 Front left  
  • Ducati 748 S Biposto, from 1995 Front left  
  • Ducati 748 SP, from 1994 Front left  
  • Ducati 748 SPS, from 1994 Front left  

Beringer is multiple world champion in World Endurance and has quite a reputation in Supermoto and ATV competitions. Their cast iron and stainless steel brake discs have a unique look, which makes it also a popular brand in the streetfighter and café racer scene. Parts are usually only machined and anodized on specific demand, this is why the lead delivery time can be 2-3 weeks.

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