Shad top case - SH58X - Carbon

Product ref.: d0b58106
Manufacturer: Shad luggage

SH58X - Expandable case with capacity for 2 XXL helmets - Carbon - Mounting plate included

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Expandable by SHAD, with volume adjustable in 3 positions (L-XL and XXL) and capacity to hold 2 Trail helmets. The only case that is adjustable up to 58L, it can be adapted both to everyday life in the city and to those adventure trips you have always dreamed about. A very versatile top case, where changing between the different positions, we moved from an aerodynamic case to a big coffer in seconds.Three cases in one, thanks to its flexible design, that can fulfil very different needs: - Size L: this case offers a volume of 46L, which allows carrying things needed for every day.- Size XL: In the second level it reaches 52L, which are very helpful for those short weekend trips. - Size XXL: the volume reaches the 58L, enough to bring anything you need to that amazing adventure you have been dreaming about for so long.If what you like is the tarmac and the Sport Touring, the SH58X is your case, as it has a Carbon look (the carbon cover is included) matching the SH36 side cases, which exudes sophistication. You can combine them with your bike, as the cover is available in several colours: white, metal black and new titanium.

Mounting this Top Case requires an appropriate mounting kit, click here to start your search.

Smart Lock system Change color system D1B48PA plate included Capacity: 2 trail helmets Maximum load: 10kg Standard measurments: Width: 610 / Height: 270 / Depth: 480mm


Brake light: D0B50KL Back rest: D0RI80

The Spanish Shad is one of world's largest manufacturers of motorcycle top and side cases. Shad's luggage systems have a light yet strong mounting kit for the side and top cases, especially made to fit one bike model only, so perfect fit and very stable.

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